Savings & High Performance

Suction and discharge flanges are on the lower body and on the same axis. The double-suction design directs flow to both sides of the impeller, reducing axial forces. The double action design found on most models reduces radial load and minimizes noise and vibration

To Protect Nature …

We produce our own energy. Thanks to the solar power plant we have established in our production base, we use renewable energy sources to produce efficient pumps by preventing the annual CO₂ emission of 2,200 tons.

Flexible Installation Types

Suction and discharge bodies are optimally positioned without disturbing the instruments in the installation.

Optimize Made Design

Maximum reliability at high pressure with performance-oriented impellers and balancing holes.

Drive Miles

Shaft bushing is used as standard in order to minimize the abrasion caused by fluid and rotary motion on the impeller and shaft.

 Wide material selection 

Optimal choice for the fluid to be pumped and operating conditions


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