Vertical Multistage In-line Pumps


Vertical Multistage Inline Pumps are designed to create solutions for industrial facilities, high buildings, fire fighting systems, booster systems and pumping clean water for required head and capacity. That’s why they can be used easily in different systems that requires special requests about performance and materials.

WELL Vertical Multistage Inline Pumps can be connected to eachother on the same pipeline directly because of their same size suction and discharge connection flanges. There is a compact installation and pumping system with this special design. Pump bearings are lubricated by the pumped fluid.


  • Max. capacity 200m³/h
  • Max. head 305 m
  • Max. power 30 kW
  • Between -20º and 120º temperature range
  • Max. 25 bar operating pressure
  • Stainless Steel options
  • Pump-integrated liquid sensor
  • John Crane mechanical seal


Mechanical Seal

All WELL-VIP Pumps are produced with Si-C cartridge type mechanical seal provides the longlife and maintanence free operation.


The removable coupling design supplies easy replacement operation for the motor without dismautling the pump from the pipeline.

Wet Parts

All impellers and difusers are made from AISI304 Stainless Steel. As an option the net pants of the top & bottom brackets can also made from AISI304.


In-Line Pump With Frequency Inverters

The use of frequency inverters increasing the life time of the booster system and acc. to the system the arrangement of the speed will same energy.
– Superior energy saving.
– Extremely silent operation performance
– Much longer working life